About Us

Assalam Walaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

We are Muslims who are changing Muslim Stereotypes.
We built this site with a motive of providing a Halal Social Media platform
for all the Muslims around the world, where they can learn, chill, have fun
and enjoy a unique social media that is Halal and only in context to Islam.

Here’s our story –

It was a normal day we were on social media like everyone else does nowadays.
As we were scrolling, we saw a post from Islamic profiles and pages featuring
Kaaba pics, surah recitations, etc. and as we scrolled down, there it had all the haram 
stuff that makes insult of those Islamic posts.

They all encourage posts that spread hatred towards Islam and promoted Islamophobia.
Until now people had no other medium to spread Islam and let Muslims have a safer Halal social media experience.
So, we came up with hidAyat.

Here you are now.

Please do share this platform with your family and friends.
And we promise to teach you about Islam and it’s culture from around the world and keep you entertained and have safer social media experience all in a Halal way.

Peace be upon you all
Jazak Allah Khair

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