Blessings (Alhamdulillah)

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"And if you were to count the blessings of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful".
Quran (16:18)
Imaan is of two halves.
Half is patience (sabr)
Half is being thankful (shukr).
Allah love the person who is patient and the one who is thankful.❤
Alhamdulillah i am blessed with more than i can ever imagine! I have so much to b grateful for, ya allah..
🔸️born a muslim, in the ummah of our beloved prophet ﷺ
🔸️beautiful parents, and a loving family.
🔸️healthy. Alhamdulillah
🔸️roof over my head and a comfortable bed to sleep
🔸️clean water to drink and healthy 3 meals a day
And so much more.
These are some of the basics which many are deprived of. We often tend to take these little blessings for granted because we got it so easily, whereas on the other side, someone somewhere is struggling hard to gain these.. Be thankful.
Everyone is blessed in their own way, SubhanAllah. You might think someone is having a perfect life because they dont have any problems, but they could be suffering from multiple other problems that you dont know. Every one is fighting their own silent battles.
Nobody has a perfect life as their social media depicts. Dont be envious, Be more Grateful to Allah, Say alhamdulillah because you are blessed with more than you can ask for.
To be able to thank Allah is a blessing in itself. You got to start thinking like you are blessed, talking like you are blessed and acting like you are blessed,  that is how your blessings get activated. Be more grateful, and Allah will bless you with more. In sha allah 🌸
"Happiness comes to those who appreciate the blessings they already have."😊

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