Detox Water: Most refreshing drink your going to have this Ramadan

Are all those fried smosas and pakoras making you sleep mid Taraweeh? Worry not cos this simple recipe will make you feel refreshed like never before.

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Assalamualaikum my fellow rozedaars!

How have you all been? I know I’m posting late but what can I do Ramadan means to disconnect the wifi and connect with Allah swt (and according to my mom our neighbors and family as well). So yeah that was keeping me pretty busy. But now I’m back and with something I know you all will love. In sha Allah. 


Now you all must be wondering what is so special about water but let me tell you this is not your plain ol’ water. And belive me when I say Every single cell in your body will literally thank you just after one sip. 

So with no further ado lets dive straight into the procedure of making this miracle drink. 

Step 1:

Grab those nutritious fruits that are almost invisible to your kids when placed with samosas and put them to use. 

My personal choice are these: 

  • Orange 
  • Apple 
  • Pears 
  • Cucumber

Mostly I would add grapes as well but when I don’t have them I make do with what I can find. And even you guys can do just that. 

Step 2:

This is where you transform into a fruit ninja. When it comes to chopping fruits be it for fruit chat or custard I always start with the oranges. I’ll tell you why and you better note it down cos this an important life hack. The juice from oranges helps prevent oxidation of your other fruits esp. Apples and bananas. 

So for this recipe I first slice the orange into half diadonally. Then i slice it into thin circles. And by thin i mean very thin. This is to ensure that your not wasting your fruit. 

Next up I sliced a pear just as i did with the orange. This pear is one I like to eat just as it is cos it’s so juicy and crunchy. For this reason I was reluctant to use it at first but then i decided to chuck it and use it after all. 

You can see here how thin the slice of pear is. It’s almost like a blade. I was so proud of having cut this so perfectly so I couldn’t just keep it to myself and thus posted the pic. This variety of pears are hard to cut because of their crunchy nature. 

Now comes the part which I claim to be the most interesting. The cucumber. I used a peeler to peel off the skin. Cucumber with skin is perfectly edible but for what we are making it doesn’t work so well so off goes the skin. After that i sliced up the cucumber using the same peeler. This is to ensure that the slices are very very thin as you can see below. You can do all this with a knife as well if you are an expert that is. I don’t recommend it though. 

Finally, the Apple. Again cut it into a half and make thin slices same as we did with the pear. My mom says Apples and pears are of he same family and just one fruit is enough but i feel the more the better. 

Step 3:

And now that all the fruits are sliced up. It all goes in a big glass jug full of normal or cold water. Choose as you like. But i think cool water is more refreshing. I personally like to drop in the fruits according to their densities but you can even put everything all at ones. Once you are done give it a good stir and let the jug sit for an hour or more. In this time the water gets infused with the juices of all the fruits. 

It’s that simple. Just 3 super easy steps and you’re done but if you’re still wondering why you must go through the trouble of preparing this let me jot down a few of its many benifits. And there are:

  1. It Helps With Weight Loss
  2. It Improves Digestive Health
  3. It Improves Mood and Energy Levels
  4. It Boosts Immune Function

And it’s taste is just a bonus considering all the sugary drinks available to us for iftar. Also you can keep refilling the mug with water  without having to change the fruits for upto 12 hrs. And it also keeps fresh when stored in the refrigerator. So think no more and prepare this aesthetically pleasing and super refreshing drink for today’s iftar. And i can guarantee that it’ll become a Ramadan staple for your family as it has become for mine in sha Allah.

Keep me in your duas at iftar if you find this helpful. 

Ma’a salama folks! 

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