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To the one reading this & to all those suffering in silence, May Allah(SWT) remove all your pain, suffering and worries and bring you happiness every day in this life and in the hereafter. .
Du'a has the ability to change one's Destiny! If we make Du'a in all humility, with an attentive heart, having full hope in the mercy of our Creator, we attract His mercy and He feels shy in turning us away empty handed. Having said that, also never be disheartened when one of your du'a is not accepted. Allah never empties our hands except to replace a better thing in them, Trust his plan.
The more one turns to him, the more his faith increase. We often make intense dua only when we are in trouble. Dua should also be made at times of ease, which will b gratifying and please our lord, and that will be an assurance of our duas being accepted in times of difficulty, In sha Allah.
Du'a is The best and the most valuable gift you can give someone without them knowing.
(You actually love someone enough when you talk about them and mention their name in your Du'as). ā¤

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