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That one person..
One of the miracles of Allah (S.W.T) creations.
⭐ “` *MOTHER* “` ⭐
She is that one person who has been with us for the longest time! From carrying us for 9 months to spending her entire life for our good. Her heart is as vast as the ocean and her du'aa like the breeze of the paradise..
A man asked the Prophet (SAW)  " who among the people are most worthy of my good companionship?" The prophet (SAW) said : your Mother. Then who? asked the man. Your mother. Then who? Your mother. The man further asked then who? Your Father.
This is the status of a Mother. *Your heaven lies under the feet of your mother*.
Children grow up and forget the value of their mother. They disrespect her, disobey her, scold her and do not care about her feelings.
But mother, she endures everything and forgives the mistakes of her children because she knows the pain that took to give her child the gift of *LIFE* .
Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said: The curse of Allah(SWT) is on the one who causes difficulty to his mother. The curse of the Angels, the curse of mankind are on him. Allah(SWT) neither accepts his fardh nor nafl worship as long as he does not repent and obey his mother.
He has to gain her pleasures as best as he can. Allah's pleasures depends on the mother's pleasures & his wrath is consealed in her wrath!
Love her, respect her, listen to her, give her your "TIME" , serve her, give her all the happiness that she deserves and most importantly pray for her.
May Allah(SWT) give us all the guidance to understand her status and give us the ability to serve her while she is alive. Ameen.

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