Muslim Blogger Challenges Narendra Modi, Come Back as PM if you can!

Bengaluru: I Farhan Rasheed, Muslim Blogger from the IT Capital of India challenge Mr.Narendra Modi Come Back to Power as Prime Minister if you can. This is the mont

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We the Indian Mulsim Citizens, Soon after our Maghrib Namaz do remember to make a special dua that BJP/NDA government should not come into power. Especially Mr.Narendra Modi should not come back to power and become Prime Minister for the second term. You Mr.Modi have never respected our religion. from the day you are in Power and became the PM, We all Indian Muslims who also the citizens of India are the special target. You always insulted our religious belief and also created a lot of new sense. You are playing politics in the name of our religion for which Allah will not spare you. Inshallah.

Whenever an Indian Citizen who voted you to power asked you about employment opportunities. You gave a different version of the story. Under Your Governance, only Communal violence has been noticed. This time not only the Indian Muslims will be the reason that you not coming to power but your own Hindu Community will see to it that you are out of Power. You are still under the impression that your own Hindu religious followers will support you but the truth is those Hindu Followers are our Brothers and they are also against you and are supporting us this time.
Very soon the BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) High command and all the supporters will realize that why did they choose you as the PM candidate. Because of you Mr.Modi, BJP Party is at risk.
Considering all these facts and elections being held in the month of Ramadan, I'm very sure that you Mr.Modi is going to be the biggest loser in History. You will realize this time the power of Muslim especially during the month of Ramadan. You go to whatever extent but take my words you will be 100% out of power this time, Inshallah.
Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters, Today I,e 17th May 2019 is  Friday (Jumma). I request you all to pay special attention to this article and do Dua to Allah that Mr.Modi is out of Power and save Indian Muslims.

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