Neighbors in Islam

"Be best to your neighbors"

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“The best neighbor to Allah is the best to his neighbors.”

Have you anytime faced unexpected guests? What if you are going out with your mum and waiting for to come out getting ready so that you may head on. And as your mum comes out of the room you see your neighbors coming in asking for some work or help and there you go late….!!! So what  are you gonna do in that case?? Somewhere inside u’ll go mad at them but of course you can’t tell anyone. Same did i do yesterday and was discussing with mum as they went back. But my mum made me understand. And i realized there i was wrong.

Guys they are the most important people than family. Am not saying that family should come last in ur list..but ur neighbors too deserve that attention from u. I have seen people going crazy and mad on their neighbors and ask them only whenever they are needed. Which should not be the case anytime.

The prophet (s.a.w.) said “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day should not hurt or insult his neighbors”.

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118 shares, 220 points

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