Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2019

Assalamu alaikum beautiful people. 21 days until Ramadan 2019!

We will certainly need to prepare for this blessed month.
Planning what & when to do makes life very easy. 📃

Knowing what we want to achieve in this month will help us stay focused.
I have designed a little chart that'll help me and you all, In Sha Allah, to learn/do something this ramadan.
I want you to take some time, think, fill and share with me & your friends. It could be anything, start with little deeds, take baby steps to reach Jannah, In Sha Allah. 💙
Believe me, when you share something, that keeps haunting your mind and you manage to successfully complete it.
When your friends come across your goals, may be.. they'll get inspired and YOU get rewarded for their deeds too.
SubhanAllah, how beautiful is Islam.

May Allah help us all prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan in best possible way and reap its benefits in full!

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