Reward of sadaqah

"Charity doesn't decrease wealth."

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Alot of people give zakat in the month of Ramadan. Donation to mosques/masajids. Even to the humanitarian causes. But is it only Ramadan that we should consider for the month of charity?? And only for the needful whom we actually don’t know.

Actually the original giving in additional to all these causes really where giving begins is from people that are closest to you, members that are in need, neighbors, friends. And when you give to those recipients or when you are personally giving a friend who is in debt who doesn’t know how to come out of it or they have been stuck in it for a while now you can pull lil bit of their stress.

You must actually understand not only giving or helping someone but also the ethics of giving is important.
Allah says “A decent word and forgiveness is better than the charity giving which follows up by pain”.
What does that mean?. That sometimes people give but as they are giving they are condescending in the way they give. When you give show respect because you are honored to help that person. Don’t show off. Don’t hurt that person by your in decent accent or behavior after helping. Remember you are depositing your akhirah.

Allah is free of need he doesn’t want your charity. What is counted are your good deeds and your pure goals behind it.

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