Strive to be like Khadija(ra) of this age.

Strive to be like Khadija(ra) of this age.

Khadija ra is everything I dream of being. An amazing mother, the first woman to accept Islam, a loving wife and my personal favorite: a smart businesswoman.

In the time of the pagans where women were confined to their homes all through life, Khadija ra made a name for herself.

She was a well known, chaste and honorable woman. The only known woman to conduct business. But how did she do it in a world dominated by men? 

-She improvised.

She found trustworthy and hardworking managers who would conduct trading on her behalf. She exported her goods to far away markets like Syria, and her managers bought goods from those markets to be sold at home.

Miffed by the prophet (saw) character she made a proposal to him through his uncle Abu Talib, something we can’t do even in modern times. We also know that she was the prophet’s (saw) favorite wife. How did she manage all this in such harsh times without letting her business interfere or affect her personal life? Truly, She has excelled in all fields.

It got me thinking: we make excuses that there’s too much work at home, or tending to our children is a task altogether, barely keeping the house from falling apart. Hazrat Khadija ra, on the other hand, did everything and excelled at it no less. Who are we to make excuses? she found a solution for her business(as she couldn’t travel around she hired managers based on partnerships), she was respected by the society and more importantly; her husband and her name resonates to this day.

So what I’m trying to say is let us stop making excuses! If you love something, just go do it. Allah has already put that element in you.

Catalyze it with a little enzyme called hard-work.

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