Taraweeh (ramadan)

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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu

Alhamdulillah ! We have witnessed another ramadan
May Allah swt allow us to make most of this blessed month and forgive us Ameen
From all the specialities of ramadan
Taraweeh is one of the most beneficial ibadat during this month
According to Abu Hurairah (RA), Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that: “He who prays during the night in Ramadan with faith and seeking his reward from Allah will have his past sins forgiven” (Muslim).
Subhan Allah, don’t we want Allah swt to forgive our sins?

*Benefits of taraweeh*

– This special prayer improves physical and emotional health. The gentle up and down movements, including Sajdah and Ruku, performed while praying improves physical and emotional health as well as enhances the endurance of the person praying. It has been reported that people who fast the whole day and then perform Taraweeh prayers at night feel more prosperous.

–  Taraweeh prayer gets all Muslims together from different walks of life at one place.

-Taraweeh prayer also brings unity among Muslims all over the world.

-Practicing the act of offering this special prayer for the entire month of Ramadan strengthens Muslims faith and encourages Muslims to do what pleases Allah Almighty and what makes Him happy.

-It also improves the memory with the continuous recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran, screening the mind from inbound thoughts.

-As regular movements during the Taraweeh are a form of exercise, they help burn down calories.

For woman who can’t go outside of homes can stay at home and offer taraweeh
I prefer reading taraweeh at home only
I know most of women memorize the small surah from quran so we can recite that surah in every rakat untill we complete whole taraweeh prayer, there is no problem if we repeat the same surah
Hardly 20 surah (starting  from  surah naas to surah feel) will be enough for entire taraweeh prayer

If you have any doubt regarding praying taraweeh at home you can dm me  @shabeena_ferozz

I hope this benefits you and hope you start praying taraweeh from today onwards

In short, every Muslim must try offering Taraweeh regularly and not take it casually during Ramadan. 

  • May Allah Almighty give us the strength to offer this special prayer (Taraweeh) in this Holy month of Ramadan regularly! Ameen
    N may he accept all our ibadah of this ramadan ameen

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